2 Years & 12 Weeks Married | Hosting Christmas & 2019 Reflections

Hosting Christmas

It was Christmas this past week! As we mentioned in our previous post, we hosted Christmas this year, with both our families, in our tiny apartment.


We weren’t sure if our little apartment would be able to fit everyone from both sides of our immediate family (about 13 people) but it did! Everyone was packed in cozily with  space to mosey around.

It was such a blast hosting! And it was even more special that both our families were together– for the first time since our wedding! We played the Saran Wrap game, which got pretty intense. And we had a Pie Baking Competition. We learned it is a lot of work to host, but soo worth it.

Other Highlights of the Week:

We were geocaching at a park near our apartment with Jake’s brothers and we saw Josh Peck from Drake and Josh! Our second celebrity sighting!

We’ve been playing video games nonstop by ourselves and also with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It’s very fun, but also very addicting. It’s basically all we’ve done since Christmas.

2019 Reflections

2019 is coming to a close and it has been another amazing year. We’ve visited 2 new countries, made lots of new friends, taken on new challenges (marathon training), tried new things (hosting Christmas), spent more time with each of our families, experienced more of LA (2 celebrity sightings and People’s Choice Awards!), and so much more.

In our marriage, we continued to learn how to love one another, how to apologize, and how to forgive. We continue to grow in showing grace towards one another, one of the hardest things to do.

We still don’t have abs lol, but maybe in 2020. We’re so grateful for another wonderful year, and as always we’re excited for the new year!

One thought on “2 Years & 12 Weeks Married | Hosting Christmas & 2019 Reflections

  1. Wow wow wow, your spread of food looks absolutely mouthwatering & how fun that you guys had a pie baking contest! I am jealous that you spotted Josh, too, lol. I used to love that show & my gosh, video games truly are so addicting, aren’t they? I have had to make myself take a break from them lately. 😛

    Hope your 2020 is the best yet!! Can’t wait to see what all you two get up to. 💖

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