2 Years & 6 Weeks Married | The Day We Scored Free Lululemon!

The biggest highlight of our week was free Lululemon!!! (well…technically, we paid $10 to attend the event that got us free Lululemon…)

A couple of weeks ago, we signed up to attend a “Field Day” put on by YesRally. The first 100 sign ups got free Lululemon outfits and a swag bag. We can’t believe we made the list!  The idea behind the “Field Day” is to be active for the day and play some of the games we used to play when we were kids… like Freeze Dance, Red Light Green Light, and Tug of War. It was decently fun, but blistering because it was 90 degrees in Los Angeles and we were out on a shadeless football field. Can you believe that?! 90 degrees in the middle of November! We basically just have summer all year long out here!

Anyways, that was the coolest thing that happened this week. We’ve been reflecting on how these past couple of weeks, we’ve experienced such “LA” events. We often complain about living in LA, but these past couple of weeks have made us feel a little more grateful for living in such an interesting and special city!

Other highlights, we ran 10 miles and treated ourselves to coke and popcorn for our movie night. It was relaxing and cozy!


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