1 Year & 49 Weeks Married | Summer’s Winding Down

Not much really happened this week (again). Our evenings together mostly consisted of a run, a 7 minute ab workout, and dinner with TV. (doesn’t seem like the ab workout is really working…but that may be because we eat too many sweets lol).

We did go mini-golfing Friday evening with friends from Jake’s PhD program. That was fun and relaxing! And on Saturday, we spent a good half of the day watching our guilty pleasure show (Bachelor in Paradise).

Summer is starting to feel like it’s winding down. Jake got a rough look at his class schedule and TA hours this past week. And it’s looking like it’s going to be a really busy quarter, with long days and lots of work. Jake’s summer vacation feels like it’s lasted forever and it has been nice to spend so much quality time together after Cindy gets home from work. It has also been nice to have Jake at home, running some of the errands and doing some of the chores while Cindy’s at work. It always feels like we have less time to get “home” tasks done when we’re both busy. While we do feel a little anxious and overwhelmed by how busy this upcoming quarter feels, we’re also excited for Year 2 of Jake’s PhD! We made it through last year, and we’ll make it through this next one too!


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