1 Year & 47 Weeks Married | Labor Day Weekend!

This summer has been one of the best summers ever! It’s been packed with so much fun and adventure!

We started out our long weekend with movies in the park. Our local park has been putting on Friday night movies in the park for the past month or so. We’ve been wanting to check it out, but have had plans almost every Friday. We were so happy to finally make it out to one. And the movie they showed was the best– Avengers Endgame. Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend came out for the event too. It was so much fun, but we also learned that next time we should bring pillows or lawn chairs. But maybe the reason why we felt slightly uncomfortable during the movie was because Avengers is 3 hours long…


Saturday, we decided to go kayaking! UCLA students can go kayaking at the Marina Aquatic Center for free and their guests can go for only $5. In the beginning, when we were just friends, we went kayaking together there! It was fun reminiscing those beginning/early days. Anyways, we found out once we got there that the UCLA students discount doesn’t count over the summer…so we paid full price. We’ll be coming back once Jake starts school again. We had so much fun kayaking around the marina.

On Sunday, we went out to Jake’s aunt’s house for a “Meet the Twins & Toddler” family fun. Jake’s cousin recently had twins and was in Southern California this weekend, so the family got together to meet the new babies. Babies are so cute, but we’re both a little awkward around them. All in all, it was a great day catching up with Jake’s side of the family and meeting the kiddos.

(random pics of us from church)

Monday, we’re just staying home and relaxing! And watching our new favorite show,  “A Million Little Things”.

And that’s our loooong weekend!

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