1 Year & 39 Weeks Married | Family Reunion in Seattle

“Family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” -Unknown

The big highlight of this past week was the 4th of July weekend family reunion in Seattle for Cindy’s family! (her dad’s mom’s siblings and their children and their children’s children). About half of the entire family attended this reunion. It’s pretty incredible that they all know each other and keep in touch!


(how you know you’re at an Asian family reunion lol)

It was fun to catch up with everyone. This was the first time that Jake was able to get to know everyone on a personal level.

On the first day, we explored downtown Seattle with just Cindy’s immediate family. On the third day, we explored a quaint little Bavarian town called Leavenworth with the extended family. We ate really delicious bratwurst and the town was fun to explore!


All weekend long we had interesting and fun conversations, played a ton of board games, competed in several amateur volleyball games, caught Pokemon and so much more.

There was a total of about 23 of us staying in a 5 bedroom house in the woods. All the kids (anyone under 31) were assigned to either a blow-up mattress, mat, or couch in the basement. Since Cindy is a light sleeper, we decided to sleep in the master bedroom closet. It was actually pretty cozy!


This past 4th of July weekend was filled with so much fun and new memories. We can’t wait for the next reunion!

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