1 Year & 38 Weeks Married | Theme: Jake Studies While Cindy Has Fun

(we went to a birthday party for Cindy’s old childhood friend from Chinese school)

Not much has changed this week… Jake continues to study everyday for his comprehensive exams while Cindy continues to have fun lol.

Jake just finished his second exam and has one more to go! Like we mentioned in previous posts, he has a total of 3 four hour tests to take, all scheduled within the span of 2 weeks. These comprehensive exams will determine whether or not he can continue his PhD candidacy. We’re so excited that he’s almost done with the testing (Jake is excited to start his summer break and Cindy is excited to clean up his office). After Jake’s last exam, we’ll be going on a couple trips. Stay tuned to find out where we’re going!


(if you look closely, you can see Jake “studying”…he’s playing YuGiOh)

As for Cindy, she’s been catching up with friends and hanging out with family. She joked with Jake earlier this week that she was tired from all the fun she’s having. Jake thinks it’s a relatively nice problem to have…

She also recently opened a Poshmark account and has been non-stop obsessing over it ever since. Here is a shameless plug to “shop her closet”: https://posh.mk/XXTCevn8WX.  Jake joked that he was going to buy everything just so he doesn’t have to listen to Cindy worry about whether or not her stuff will sell lol.

And that was our week!



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