1 Year & 37 Weeks Married | Jake’s Comprehensive Exams & Cindy’s College Apt Reunion

Jake’s Comprehensive Exams

Jake was studying all week for his first comprehensive exam, which was on Friday. He has a total of 3 four hour tests to take, all scheduled within the span of 2 weeks. These tests will determine whether or not he can continue his PhD candidacy, so the stakes are pretty high. We are in the home stretch now! Cindy has been resisting the urge to pick up and organize all the papers lying around in Jake’s office.


Cindy’s College Apartment Reunion Weekend

Most of Cindy’s apartment mates from college were in the Southern California area this past weekend, so they planned a mini weekend reunion. All weekend long, they caught up on each other’s lives and reminisced their college days. Jake even spent some time hanging out and joining in on the reminiscing. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve all grown up since college–and paradoxically how we have also not changed at all. Every time we reunite with friends, we’re reminded of how special old friendships are and how long-lasting friendships are are hard to come by.


(the hike we did is the Malibu Grotto. we saw so much wildlife during the hike and the actual grotto was pretty cool. we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a fun, short hike to do in LA)


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