1 Year & 33 Weeks Married | Date Night

After what seemed like a long and never-ending week, we both felt we really needed a date night. But we also didn’t want to spend too much money, so we decided to do bike rides and dinner on the beach (which happens to also be our favorite date activity).

Friday, after Jake got back from school, we packed up our picnic basket with some Trader Joe’s pizza (the Pizza Parlanno is our favorite), pre-packaged salads, strawberries, lychee juice boxes, and water. Once we were all packed up, we hopped on our bikes and rode towards the beach!

It was nice to talk and spend some quality time together. We were even able to get in some leisure reading!

We wanted to stay for sunset, but it got too chilly, so we left early. For dessert, we decided to spend money on these creme brulee crepes near our house. They are DELICIOUS!

After dessert, we went back home and spent some time assembling these mini-lego sets our friends got us from their trip to Taiwan. The instructions and steps were so complex, we ended up giving up and going to bed. We finished putting the legos together the next morning and they turned out pretty cute!

That was our date night! Very low-key, very inexpensive, and very fun!


One thought on “1 Year & 33 Weeks Married | Date Night

  1. Oh my gosh, the picnic on the beach sounds so nice & romantic. ♡ I’ve never had a lychee juice box but I would love to! That creme brulee dessert looks amaaaazing & the legos are too darn cute!!


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