1 Year & 30 Weeks Married | Marathon Training, Baby Fever, & Family Time

  1. A couple of months ago, we signed up for the 2020 LA Marathon! Even though it is about a year away, we’ve already started our training. Our goal, for now, is to run at least 20 miles a week comfortably. Once we’re able to do that, Jake is putting us on a “4 hours and under” marathon training plan. Yikes! So anyways, this past week can be summed up with lots and lots of running. We got in about 15 miles this week! (two 5.5 mile runs and one 3.5 mile run)
  2. Cindy went to a baby shower this week for a friend from bible study. She was tasked with decorating a onsie and a bib in preparation for the shower. As soon as she opened up the pack of onsies and picked up the 0-3 month old size, she started crying. (it’s just so tiny!) We think baby fever is slowly starting to happen…?
  3. While Cindy was at the baby shower, Jake went home to hang out with his family. He got to have breakfast with his brother, run some errands with his dad, and have dinner/play rummy with his mom. It was some good quality time!
  4. And finally, here is a picture of Jake…asleep in church. And of Rufus…fresh after his bath.

And that’s our week!

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