1 Year & 23 Weeks Married | Goodbye Forever to Our First Apartment

Cindy got sick…AGAIN… so she was sleeping a lot this past week. She thought working with kids meant she’s developed an immunity of steel, but she’s been getting sick a lot this past school year. She has a theory that her immune system is updating itself…like a software update…. Jake is skeptical.

Jake’s been studying for finals…AGAIN…so he’s been sitting at his desk a lot this past week. He admits, he gets bored when studying…

Anyways, on to the main topic of this post:

But before that, some back story. One random day, every tenant in our old building and two neighboring buildings received an eviction notice because the management company was moving forward with plans for demolition. We had one year to find a new place. It was a huge shock and scare at first. But thanks to rent control, the management company was required to “pay us out”. Each unit received a HEFTY sum of money for moving expenses and other miscellaneous expenses (like deposit for new place and first month’s rent).


Anyways, the weather has been warming up in Los Angeles, so we’ve gone on a few afternoon strolls. On one of our strolls, we walked by our old apartment (which we shared with Cindy’s sister). It’s completely demolished now. On the one hand, it was pretty cool to see that where we once lived is now just a pile of dirt, dust, and broken pieces of wood. On the other hand, it’s sad that our first apartment together is just gone. Cindy is more sad than Jake. She’s more sentimental and emotional about these things. Jake sees it more through an economic lens and is happy for the management company for making a profitable decision.


In more happy news, a brand new Target is opening up just a couple of blocks from where we currently live! Cindy is extremely excited and can’t wait!!


One thought on “1 Year & 23 Weeks Married | Goodbye Forever to Our First Apartment

  1. I hope Cindy is feeling 100% better & that Jake can get a little break from studying soon. I think I’d be like Cindy about the demolishing of your first place together! But that was so cool of them to give you such a hefty amount to help you out with the new place. That Target looks like it’s going to be top-notch! How exciting. 😄


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