1 Year & 22 Weeks Married | Richard Thaler & Other Things

Highlights of The Week:

1. Jake got sick.

2. Jake got Cindy sick. (again).

3. We went to a lecture at UCLA by Richard Thaler, a nobelauriate. That’s one of the “perks” of being married to a PhD student– going to lectures for “fun”. But really, we’ve gone to some pretty interesting talks, Q&A’s, and debates.  The talk by Richard Thaler was about “Nudge Theory”. For anyone interested, Nudge Theory is the idea that people do not always make the best economic choices, so by making small changes or nudges we can encourage better behavior. Things like changing the default savings target for 401(k)s.

4. A friend’s party. One of our close friends is moving to London for about a year. It’s super cool, but we’re going to miss him. We’re convinced he’s going to meet his future wife there. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

5. Jake’s family came to visit us in LA! Before they arrived, Jake kept making fun of Cindy by saying we had to make it look like no one lives here. He was referencing this video below…lol

6. We binged The Widow on Amazon Prime. It was SO GOOD up until the last episode…which was disappointing. Cindy did start watching a bunch of documentaries about the Congo though…so in that regard…the show did it’s job in raising awareness of coltan mining…

And that’s a summary of our week!

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