1 Year & 21 Weeks Married | LASIK Update & Guinea Pig Life

Cindy is 1 week post LASIK!! So far, everything is good. Her left eye is taking a little longer than her right eye to heal. But she sees the world so clearly now! At church today, she was captivated by the fact that she could see the pastor’s mouth moving when he was speaking (we sat in the last row).

While her LASIK experience has been positive so far, we’ve realized that we didn’t really consider all possible risks before doing the surgery (even though they are rare), especially since Cindy is at some risk for certain eye conditions. We think that anyone considering LASIK should really do their research thoroughly.

(during and post surgery pics)

In guinea pig news, we expanded the guineas’ cage this weekend! When we moved to our new apt, we had to downgrade the size of the guinea cage because we (Cindy) didn’t want it taking up so much space.

Here is what the cage looked like at our old apt:

unnamed (1)

And here’s what it looked like at our new apt:


Ever since we downgraded the guinea cage, the guineas have been less active and more boring. So we (Jake) made the decision to expand their cage again! The project took us about 6 hours… The entire time we were wondering why we were even doing this since the guineas don’t even care. All they do is eat, drink, poop, and run away from us– no matter the cage size. But once we were done, we realized it was totally worth it. The guineas have more space to run around now!

Here’s a pic of their new cage:


We’ve learned from our past cage making projects, so this current cage is bigger, better, and stronger. You can say we’re guinea pig cage experts now lol. But really…we really are…

And that’s all the highlights we have from this past week!

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