1 Year & 19 Weeks Married | Valentine’s Day


We celebrated our 2nd Valentine’s Day together, as a married couple, on Saturday! Lately, we’ve become homebodies and have cancelled weekend plans that we made for ourselves in the past couple of weeks. We’re happy we followed through with 2 of the 4 plans we made for our Valentine’s Day time together!

We started the day off filing our taxes (very romantic).

Then, we journeyed to Echo Park! Even though Echo Park is only a few miles away from where we live, the traffic and thought of LA parking makes it seem like a journey– a journey that is well worth it! Echo Park is the embodiment of the culture in Los Angeles. There is just so much happening there!

For our date, we pedaled in one of those swan boats and watched turtles doing mating dances. Apparently, when Red Eared Slider turtles are trying to mate with each other, part of their mating dance involves rapid fire slaps on the face.

We had planned on going to the Getty Museum after the park, but decided to go home and take an afternoon nap instead.


At night, we had a romantic dinner at the restaurant where we got married! (The Odyssey restaurant). The food was fancy and delicious! We can only afford to go here because we got gift cards from Cindy’s parents for Christmas.

After dinner, we had planned on seeing a movie, but decided to go home and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine instead.

A  very Kohlhepp-esque Valentine’s Day. And it was perfect!

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