1 Year & 15 Weeks Married | Memory Boxes, Old Photos, and a Little Bit of Wisdom

Instead of summarizing our week, we decided to hone in on a special moment we had together. Cindy keeps a memory box filled with trinkets and old journals. And Jake keeps all his old photos on a hard drive. On Friday, as part of our date night, we went through Cindy’s memory box as well as some of Jake’s old photos.

Digging through our past was nostalgic but, even more than that, a good way to reflect on the progression of our relationship. Here are some of the big things we realized:

  1. One of the very first mentions of Jake in Cindy’s journals went something along the lines of “I kind of like him but I don’t want him to be the one I marry.” There is a dramatic irony to reading something like that now (spoiler alert: we got married). But beyond just that, Cindy realized that her younger self viewed marriage as finding the person who fills a template — who checks all the boxes. What she knows now is that growth happens both individually and within a relationship. If you close yourself off to people just because they do not conform to your own rigid idea of what your life should look like, you may miss out on the greatest things to ever happen to you. Jake is one of those things for Cindy (and, Jake would add, Cindy is one of those things for Jake).
  2. Cindy’s journal entries and the old photos made both of us think a lot about how our relationship evolved along with our faith. Going back to number 1, we can now look back and see that God used our relationship both to better us, and in Jake’s case, to bring him to salvation. In another sense, we also realize that our own individual sense of life direction will always take second seat to God’s plan for our lives. We wouldn’t have guessed that a part-time bus driving job would lead to a lifetime commitment of marriage. But God knew, and we could not be more thankful.
  3. On a lighter note, it is also interesting to look at the evolution of how we look. Jake’s appearance progressively became less and less cringey (less plaid on plaid, less bowl cuts, etc). We both realized that it has been a few years since then, and we both have gotten older. That means aging (not in any dramatic way, we are both still in our 20’s). But we do look different, and those differences are a function of the life we live together, and the careers we have pursued. On Cindy’s end, this has been a little hard to come to terms with, since aging is generally something that concerns her more. Maybe in 10 or more so years, we’ll look back on this entry and think…”wow and you thought you were aging in your 20’s” …

Going through the memory box and old photos was so much fun. We had been annoyed with each other nearly all week, and it was a great way to lighten the mood and allow us to appreciate us more. As for this blog, we might look back at it one day and cringe, but, if Friday night was any indication, we will probably relive some fun memories.

Here are some old photos of us, just for fun!

(Note: Jake wasn’t allowed to read Cindy’s journal entries. She read aloud only the parts that mentioned him)

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