1 Year & 14 Weeks Married | Flu for Two

In an attempt to prove to Cindy he doesn’t get “man colds”, Jake played off like his flu like it was nbd. It wasn’t until Cindy got sick later this week that she realized just how bad Jake was probably feeling. Jake’s learning to take time to rest when he’s sick. And Cindy’s learning that Jake needs rest sometimes.

In other news, Cindy is prepping for LASIK! (which is why she is wearing her glasses). Because she wore Ortho-K lenses for most of her life, her LASIK process started nearly a year ago. The end of the process is finally within sight (pun intended)! She’s a little nervous but mostly excited. She keeps joking that, if all goes well, she wants to go see Shen Yun with her new 20/20 vision.


And finally, we cleaned our guineas and their cages today. Guineas are all the work of a dog without any of the love. We don’t recommend getting three lol.

And here’s a pic of Jake just for fun. We had fun making this.



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