1 Year & 13 Weeks Married | New Year, Same Blog, New Look

Happy New Year Everyone! We’ve completely revamped our blog with a new look and a new name! (we’re pretty sure the word “Polaroid” is trademarked, so we didn’t want to get in trouble)

One thing we’re learning about ourselves is that we obsessively work on projects. This is normally a more pronounced problem for Jake because he has ongoing projects and tasks– like homework and Intrepid Insight. For Cindy, her projects and hobbies come in waves and phases. So when we happen to both have projects we’re working on at the same time, we can go whole days without moving or even eating. It’s a little unhealthy… to say the least. For the past few days, we’ve been cooped up in Jake’s office working on projects– Cindy on a video of our backpacking trip to Sespe Hot Springs and revamping the look of our blog and Jake on Intrepid Insight.

btw, you can check out the Sespe Hot Springs video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1qxBGUoHp0

and you can check out Intrepid Insight here: https://www.intrepidinsight.com/

This year, we’re working on setting stop times and keeping each other in check when it comes to working on our side projects.

On a separate note, today marks the last day of our winter break. It has been fun spending almost 24/7 together and hanging out with friends and family. Winter breaks together are one of the positives of Jake being back in school and Cindy loves it.

Here’s a picture of our guineas just for fun.



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