1 Year & 12 Weeks Married | Sespe Hot Springs Backpacking Adventure

(forgot to take a polaroid this week, so here’s a pic from our trip instead)


We spent the last few days of 2018 exploring the beautiful Sespe Wilderness! Our goal was to make it all the way out to the Sespe Hot Springs (which are the hottest hot springs in all of California!)

At the source, the water is 194 degrees! After two days of hard hiking, two instances of getting lost, and a couple of VERY cold nights, we arrived. The hot springs were a beautiful oasis, tucked away at the end of a 16 mile hike.

Our trip took a total of 4 days. And we hiked over 32 miles! We went with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It was some good quality time spent together in the wild.

(before and after pics)

We’re back from our trip now.  And as we reflect on 2018, we realize how many awesome adventures we have been on. Time truly does fly by! As for our 2018 goals, sadly, we don’t have abs. But we are just about wrapping up our Bible in a Year reading plan. In a couple of days, we will have successfully read through the entire Bible! We have learned so much in our Bible readings. Maybe we’ll get abs in 2019….maybe. Well, we’re excited for the new year! Thanks for following our little blog and Happy New Year everyone!

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