1 Year & 6 Weeks Married | Early Thanksgiving Celebrations

We had a Thanksgiving potluck with our bible study last week. With all the busyness of work and school and life, we haven’t been to bible study in over month. The night of hanging out with friends renewed our appreciation for our bible study. We realized we’ve been taking our bible study for granted when it should be one of our priorities. But we are thankful to have this group of people who love God and who encourage us to love and know God more. In case you’re wondering, we brought crispy Brussel’s Sprouts with spicy aioli. It’s so easy to make, we’ve decided to make it our go-to potluck dish this holiday season.

On Sunday, we had dinner with Cindy’s family at Din Tai Feng. Cindy’s always on the hunt for REALLY GOOD beef noodle soup, and she’s finally found it. But what she really can’t stop thinking about now are the xiao long baos and how the juices from the meat squirt out when you bite into them. Her mouth is watering as we write. For her birthday (which is half a year from now) she wants nothing but to go back and eat only beef noodle soup and xiao long baos lol. Jake is normally the one who gets this excited by food, so he’s enjoying this side of Cindy he hasn’t met before.


And finally, Jake’s been eyeing those Black Friday deals. We don’t need a bigger TV, new laptops, robot vacuum, Google Chrome Cast video, or ping pong table, but he gets really excited seeing all these deals. He tried to convince Cindy that we could buy the ping pong table and just leave it in the extra parking space in the underground garage of our complex. If you come visit us and we ask if you want to play ping pong in the garage, then you’ll know why we have a ping pong table down there. just kidding. We won’t waste our money. Or at least we’ll try not to.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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