1 Year & 5 Weeks Married | SoCal & Veteran Love

This past week has been characterized by the tragedies that hit close to home (in Jake’s hometown) with the Borderline shooting and the SoCal fires. We are so grateful and blessed that our friends and family are safe, but there are so many who suffered so much. We continue to pray for that community.


(this was the sky at 3:00p on a sunny day in West LA)

It was unclear whether or not Jake’s neighborhood had to mandatory evacuate on Friday, so his close friend decided to come over after work and stay with us. On Saturday, in the midst of worrying about fire updates, we were able to find things to do to pass time and just have a little fun. We found a VR arcade near our home and spent 2 hours playing VR games. One of the games we played was walking a plank at the top of a skyscraper. That was one of the scarier games because the sensation of falling felt so real. VR was such a cool experience and we left wanting more.

It’s also Veteran’s Day weekend. We’re thankful for those who have served and still serve. And we’re extremely grateful for those who have made some truly amazing sacrifices for our country. We recently heard the story of a veteran who was gravely wounded in action and was awarded the Purple Heart. His story, and the struggles he has had to endure in his path to recovery, gave us a close-to-home glimpse of what true sacrifice (and true dedication) means. It has given us a greater appreciation for our veterans.

And finally, we’re a little embarrassed to admit this, but we put up some Christmas decorations already. We’re firm believers of decorating after Thanksgiving. But we went to Target yesterday and bought some Christmas decorations. We were a little too eager and put them up. We’re really enjoying the festive look though!

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