1 Year & 4 Weeks Married | Halloween and Hot Air Balloons

four major highlights this week…

Halloween. We had a very low-key Halloween. Cindy’s friend came over and we stayed in decorating the Trader Joe’s Haunted Cookie House while watching Halloween movies. We’re not fans of scary movies, so by Halloween movies we’re talking Gnome Alone. It was a cozy, comfortable, and fun night! Next year, though, we’d like to get dressed up and go out for some fun!


Hot Air Balloon. After a whole month, we finally got to enjoy our hot air balloon ride! (for our anniversary celebration). The first time we went (on our actual anniversary weekend) it was too foggy to fly up and the second time we tried to go, it rained. 3rd time truly is the charm! We floated up just as the sun was rising over the mountains, and the view was just breathtaking. The colors that fill the sky during sunrise is beautiful beyond words. We always try to wake up early to see the sunrise whenever we go camping, but we have not succeeded once. It takes an event or activity that forces us to wake up early in order to enjoy something this ethereal. And then, not even five minutes after the sun peaked through the mountains, it was shining annoyingly into our eyes lol. We both had such a wonderful experience. It was both amazing and unreal that we were floating 4000 feet above the ground in a basket attached to a giant balloon.


Midterms. Jake has been busy studying for midterms all week. That is one thing Cindy is happy she never has to experience ever again. October was a busy month for the both of us and it’s recently calmed down for Cindy. In the past week, she’s filled her time with online shopping, face masks, guilty pleasure TV shows, and leaving negative reviews for companies she has grievances with. Jake has been joking that her life is so easy lol. Because for him, he’s been posted at his desk, listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack, trying to understand these difficult math concepts.


Portrait Mode. We recently discovered the power of portrait mode. And now we can’t stop.

And that’s our week!

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