1 Year & 1 Week Married | Hot Pot And Other Things

We decorated for Halloween!

Highlights of the Week

For Cindy: She had a Bob Ross paint night with some friends. The experience was very exciting. But Cindy admits she was [a little] disappointed that her painting did not quiiitteeee look like Bob Ross’s example. But it was still a unique and fun time with friends!


For Jake: Jake has been using the FitBit Flex 2 Cindy got him for our anniversary. He’s been having fun tracking his sleep, swimming, biking, and even walking. It automatically knows what type of exercise he does, and even can tell how many laps he swims! [PS: We are not sponsored by FitBit lol – but we wouldn’t be opposed].


For both of us: We did an escape room with Jake’s parents and one of his brothers. We didn’t win. Cindy and Jake’s brother were both very disappointed and felt very unsatisfied. Jake and his parents were more positive about it. It was a glass-half-full glass-half-empty situation. Overall, it was fun! [stressful, but fun].

After the escape room, we went back to Jake’s parents’ house and had… hot pot. [hot pot…if you know, you know]. We brought all the ingredients. It was Cindy’s first time shopping for hot pot without her parents, so she had to call her mom a couple of times to ask questions about what to buy. But it all turned out great, and we got to break in our new hot pot! Hot pot is an awesome tradition from Cindy’s culture, and we got a lot of joy from sharing the tradition with Jake’s family.


(here is a picture of our guinea babies just for fun)

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