50 Weeks Married | Game Night, Wine & Cheese Night, and Nerds Rope…

We’re so close to our one year anniversary! We are so excited! At our wedding, we had our friends and family write us messages to read on our one year and five year anniversary. They stuck those messages in a bottle and now those bottles are sitting on our TV stand, waiting to be opened and read. We can’t wait to read all the “one year” messages.

We got into a fight yesterday (Sunday), so we were too angry to post an update of our week. (it happens). Last week was busy, busy, busy for the both of us, though. Cindy had a lot of take home work for work and Jake had a lot of math for math camp.

On Wednesday, Jake’s math camp professor hosted a Wine and Cheese Night for the math camp cohort and their significant others. Cindy was pretty nervous about going because she was a little intimidated by how smart everyone there would be (…like…they do math without numbers!) It turned out to be a really fun night! Cindy got to meet a lot of the other students (and a couple wives of students) in Jake’s PhD cohort. About half of the students in the program are international students. We both think it’s pretty neat that this program allows us the opportunity to meet all these people of different nationalities. It was fun talking about cultural differences and similarities. There are students from Argentina, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Japan.  At the end of the night, the Italian guy said he was going to go home and make some Italian pasta. Apparently, he thinks our pastas and pizzas are good but “not Italian.” Now we’re curious what true Italian pasta and pizza tastes like!

Another highlight of our week was our game night (2nd week in a row) with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. We stayed up till 2:00 in the morning playing games! We were living the crazy life lol. In college, we used to have game nights with Jake’s roommate till 1 or 2 in the morning all the time. We miss the spontaneity of game nights that college life affords. So it’s nice to be close enough to family (location-wise and relationship-wise) where we can have these game nights that go well into the night!

And lastly, Cindy was craving Nerds Rope so she ordered a box of 24 from Amazon. We’ve been eating Nerds Rope for days.

And that’s our week 50!

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