48 Weeks Married | Marriage Lessons Taught Via Phone Upgrades

(that’s a block of cheese in the picture)

The highlight and lowlight of this week was upgrading our phones.

Here’s a sweet and short version of the whole story: While we were at the mall with Cindy’s mom, Jake decided to casually check out the deals at the Verizon retail store. We left the store, got to the parking lot, and then impulsively decided to go back and upgrade our phones. 2.5 hours later, we left the store with new Androids. As soon as we got home Cindy began to regret her new Android phone because the emojis looked weird and she didn’t know how to use her phone. We ended up switching her phone back to an iPhone. Now, we’re both happy because we both love our new phones!

Even though we’re happy and satisfied now, we we’re not for the earlier part of the week. We had not planned on upgrading our phones any time soon. And our phone bill was about to go down, since we had just made our last payment on our old phones. Then, we had a whole ordeal of trying to sort out our bill and understand all the extra fees we had to pay. So you can probably say we had some sort of buyer’s remorse after we impulsively decided to upgrade our phones. For a whole day or two after our purchase, there was a lot arguing and blaming– trying to pin fault on one another for instigating the upgrade process.

We’ve learned a couple lessons from this whole experience.

1) Always talk about big purchases (like phone upgrades) beforehand and don’t make big purchase decisions impulsively (even if there’s a seemingly good deal).

2) It’s easier to be a team and sort through the problem together than to become enemies and play the blame game.

Pretty simple, common-sense lessons. Nothing other couples haven’t already learned, but sometimes it takes a real life situation to turn common sense into internalized wisdom. We hope to keep these lessons in mind the next time a similar situation happens.


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