47 Weeks Married | A Summary of Our Week in Pictures

(Just before this picture was taken, Jake let four flies into the house. Understandably, Cindy was not happy about that)

Below is a summary of our week in pictures…


Cindy set the new high score for bowling!!


Then the day after Jake reset the new high score. Her glory was short lived.

40586809_1916052335099486_5362319948125306880_nWe accidentally spent $61 on sushi. Cindy suggested getting Ralph’s sushi for dinner. Jake convinced her Ralph’s sushi would be expensive, so we drove to a cheap sushi place only to find out it was cash only. We checked out a Chinese restaurant next to the sushi place only to find out that place was cash only also. So we drove back to our neighborhood and went to a hole in the wall sushi place, not realizing it was pretty pricey. And that’s how we ended up accidentally spending $61 on sushi. It’s okay though, we had a good time and a good laugh about it after.

Jake used the grill and made dinner! And it was delicious! (Cindy online shopped  for shoes while Jake was grilling)


Jake made Cindy watch Star Wars Return of the Jedi. She kind of enjoyed it, but it did take us 3 days to finish it.


After church on Sunday, we went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch. We thought it would be a cheap meal if we both got the spicy chicken sandwiches. We ended up accidentally spending $16 dollars because we ordered 3 spicy chicken sandwiches, 1 order of medium fries, and 1 order of zucchini fries. Maybe the theme of this week is accidentally spending too much on meals out.

While waiting for our food at Carl’s Jr., Jake realized how good looking he is. And Cindy tried to get Jake to take a nice picture of her.

And that’s our 47th week of marriage!

2 thoughts on “47 Weeks Married | A Summary of Our Week in Pictures

    1. That sounds fun! We would love to do something like that! Will be shooting you an email. Also, your website has got some good insights!


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