46 Weeks Married | Bowling, Bowling, and More Bowling

(that’s us in our Sunday best)

The theme of this week: BOWLING! (lots and lots of bowling)

Our summer bowling passes expire at the end of next week, so we’ve gone bowling almost every day this week to get every last use in. We’ve gone so much that one of the staff knows both our shoe sizes! (that was a little embarrassing)

We’ve both improved in our bowling skills over this summer! When we started, we were bowling under 100. (…okay we were probably both bowling under 60…) Now, Jake’s trying to bowl a 200 game. Cindy, on the other hand, is just trying to beat the new high score that Jake set this week. We’re pretty happy we got these summer bowling passes. It’s been an easy, fun, go-to date activity with just the right amount of competition. Actually… we’re both pretty sore losers…. so we’re learning how to play competitively without dragging down the mood when one of us is losing a game.


It feels like every day of this week has been a date night (a date night centered around bowling) and we’re not complaining at all! We went out for pizza and watched The Meg after bowling one day. We ran 4 miles to the bowling alley on another day.  And we rented The Greatest Showman, for our Friday night movie, after we went bowling. (Jake has been singing the songs from the movie nonstop ever since….yep… you read that right…..JAKE is the one singing).


Anyways, on one of the days, while waiting for a bowling lane to open, we walked over to Urth Cafe and bought a coffee and cheesecake to share together. Living so close to Santa Monica, we’re surrounded by all these cafes and restaurants that we rarely venture out to. We probably would not have visited Urth Cafe together if it weren’t for bowling lol.

And that sums up our bowling themed week!

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