45 Weeks Married | The End of Summer Vacation But Not The End of Summer

The start of this past week seems like forever ago!

Cindy started her 4th year of teaching on Wednesday!! (thus ending “24/7” Life). We spent the last day of her summer vacation at the beach (of course) with Jake’s family. Jake had a lot of fun body surfing the waves while Cindy spent the majority of her time trying not to get pounded by them. We ended the night with popcorn, ice cream cones, and Peter Rabbit with Jake’s bros. It was the perfect end to Cindy’s summer vacation.

(since Tuesday, we’ve been back at the beach at least two more times. lol. we’re trying to squeeze in as many beach days as we can before summer ends!)


As for Jake, he’s been enjoying stay-at-home-husband life. Every morning he makes breakfast for Cindy and sees her off to work. Once she leaves, he goes crazy and parties it up! just kidding. In actuality, he’s works on his math modules and Intrepid Insight. There’s so much time before Cindy gets home that he even manages to squeeze in a couple of movies each day and a swim work out. And if he remembers, a trip to the grocery store to buy the bell peppers Cindy asked him to get.

Other highlights of our week:

Cindy had a girls day with college girlfriends and Jake hung out with an old co-worker friend. We’re learning that friendships seem to grow more and more valuable the more years we’re out of school.

Jake helped Cindy clean the apartment and experienced, first hand, what a process it is. He’s learning how to clean “the right way” and Cindy’s learning to let Jake help.

And that’s our 45th week of marriage!


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