44 Weeks Married | Last Week of “24/7 Life”

This is our last week of “24/7 Life”! Cindy starts work this upcoming Wednesday.

Things we did this past week:

  • nothing (for the first half of the week).
  • bowling & dinner with our friends, who are leaving to be missionaries in Kenya. (they left today!)
  • rode bikes to the beach and a had beach day (that’s like our M-O)
  • volleyball and pool time with Jake’s family.
  • went to a murder mystery party (hosted by Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. they wrote the entire game by themselves!)

We’ve really enjoyed being able to spend all this time together before this next big chapter of our life starts. However, we are already starting to taste a bit of the stress that is to come. Since the beginning of August, we’ve had to make some lifestyle adjustments because of Jake’s reduced income while he goes to school (he wont be working anymore, but will get a yearly stipend). We are extremely grateful that Jake got full-funding for his program, and really can’t complain. But realizing how much we have to adjust has been a bit hard. Cindy can’t randomly splurge on laser-hair removal treatments and hundred-dollar shopping sprees anymore and we have to watch how often we eat out. Jake’s discovering the stingier side of Cindy and it can get ugly sometimes. (Jake’s always been the stingier one, so Cindy’s already explored that side of him lol). Anyways, we are learning how to balance being generous and loving with our finances but also wise in our spending, so that we don’t become greedy or selfish.

We know it will get harder, but for now, we are enjoying every last bit of “24/7 Life” left.



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