39 Weeks Married | Our First 4th of July as Mr. & Mrs.!

(clearly Jake knows how to take pics from the best angles)

This past week was the 4th of July!!

Somehow, this holiday has become our holiday. We don’t know how it happened, but the 4th of July has always been special to us. It could be because this was the first major holiday we spent together when we first started dating (even though our first 4th of July together was such a big let down). We decided, last minute, to drive to Marina Del Rey for the city’s fireworks show. We left UCLA about 20 minutes before the show started. Being noobs, we didn’t anticipate the heavy traffic nor the difficulty in finding parking.  We ended up in a parking lot, fighting about how we missed the fireworks show. On the bright side, we were able to catch some fireworks while driving along the freeway. We’ve come a long way since that 4th of July 5 years ago. Last year, we hiked up to the top of a cliff somewhere in Pacific Palisades and watched all the fireworks shows scattered across all the different cities. It was pretty romantic.

This year, we spent 4th of July with friends. During the day, we went to the beach with some friends from bible study.  We played Spike Ball (for the first time) and volleyball. We REALLY love games…especially competitive games. We also went into the water. Jake has a rule where whenever we are at the beach, we always have to go in the water at least once. Cindy doesn’t always follow that rule…it really depends on the temperature. In the evening, we hung out with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend…plus a couple of their friends. We ate food, played some Scattergories, and walked outside to watch all the illegal fireworks.

We love the 4th of July and we can’t wait for next year!



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