38 Weeks Married | Bowling, Hobbies, and Other Things

WE WENT BOWLING THREE TIMES THIS WEEK!!! And we both Turkey’d! We’ve decided to join a bowling league now. Just kidding.

Cindy has taken up a couple of new hobbies recently (besides bowling). One of them is a workout class called CoreBooty works. That class really does work your core and booty. She’s been going with a friend twice a week for a couple of weeks now. The other one is plant stuff. In the past couple of weeks, we have acquired/been gifted: a basil plant, a succulent, and an orchid. We also already have a cactus. She’s recommitted to taking care of the cactus and has also been studying up on how to take care of each of the other plants. She has even made up a watering schedule.

Jake’s hobbies currently include swimming and his non-profit (Intrepid Insight). He has stayed up pretty late a couple of nights this week redesigning the look of the website as well as working on some new projects. As some of you may know, a few months ago, Jake heard on NPR news that there was, at the time, no way to view median employee salaries reported by publicly traded companies. Jake decided that he would be the one to make it all. Well, this past week Bloomberg came out with their own tool. Jake was pretty disappointed when he found out, but has since decided that he will continue with the project, and hopefully add some more features that make the data even more accessible.

Other special things that happened this week: 1) We finally printed out and framed wedding pictures! 2) We celebrated Jake’s dad’s birthday with some volleyball and dinner! While we sucked pretty bad at volleyball, we had a lot of fun playing. We had so much fun, Cindy has been asking to go back so we can play more!



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