35 Weeks Married | Highlights & Father’s Day with Poppa W.

(Cindy started summer vacation this past week! She’s really happy to be on summer vacation.)

We have 3 highlights to share this week:

Saturday was so easy-going and relaxing. We slept in, ate breakfast, and went for a bike ride to the beach. It was so warm and sunny– the perfect day. At the beach, Jake climbed the ropes while Cindy people watched. Jake loves climbing the ropes at the beach, so whenever we go, he feels compelled to climb the ropes at least once. And Cindy loves people watching, so we always spend a few minutes just sitting and watching. After a while, we made our way over to the ocean. The water was so warm that day! We both went in for a bit. Cindy SWEARS she saw a shark or dolphin or large fish swim past her. But no one else saw to confirm the story. After going in the water, we laid on the sand and read our books/bible. We are now in 2 Samuel and the book of Acts. At night, we watched Ocean’s 8.

Sunday morning we served for the first time ever at church! We are now drivers for the Special Ministries vans (more like buses). It feels like we have come full circle! We met driving the UCLA Accessibility vans (more like buses). And now we are driving those very same vans (more like buses) as a married couple! It had been a while since Jake’s driven such a large vehicle, so he was a little bit nervous in the morning. But he did it! We made it through the day with only a couple of hiccups. The vans we are driving help transport people who mainly have Cerebral Palsy to and from church. Most of the riders are living in different group homes, so we make a quite a few stops. We are so excited to be serving in this area and in this way. The people we have met so far are so friendly and fun to talk to! We are excited to continue serving!

Our last highlight of the week was our early Father’s Day celebration with Poppa W. We ate all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ with Cindy’s family. It was super delicious and good family time!

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