34 Weeks Married | Learning How To Navigate Our Personalities

It’s so crazy to think that this time last year we were deciding on centerpieces. Time is really flying by!

On an unrelated note, we’re not typically ones to typecast ourselves nor other people according to set personality types because we believe people are more nuanced than that. That being said, we can’t help but notice certain traits in ourselves, according to the Meyers-Briggs Personality, that are just so true. Specifically, Cindy is a really shy extrovert while Jake is an outgoing introvert. These parts of our personalities are so polarizing that they sometimes cause tension between us. We’re still learning how to compromise with each other when it comes to how long we stay out at social events or hang outs.

Normally what happens is: We’ll make plans and Cindy will dread going and will try to flake. (…before Jake, she was the queen of flaking on people…something she is not proud of… nowadays, though, Jake encourages her to follow through on her commitments) Anyways, once we’re actually hanging out with people, Cindy will not want to leave because she’s usually having fun and enjoying the company. Jake, on the other hand, doesn’t mind going out and meeting new groups of people as long as there’s a set time to leave. This usually causes a problem between us because either we will leave at the set time and Cindy will be bummed that the fun didn’t come to a natural end or Jake will be bummed because Cindy doesn’t want to leave. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re still learning how to be more understanding of the other’s perspective and feelings. And we’re learning to compromise with each other… so sometimes we’ll stay till Cindy is ready to leave and other times we’ll leave at the time we set to leave. It doesn’t always work out nicely, but we think being aware of these characteristics of ours certainly helps diffuse the tension.

All that being said, we both LOVE and ENJOY hanging out with our friends and family. We’re so grateful and feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives we love and care about & who love and care about us.

This past week we went to an apartment warming party for a friend from bible study. It was really fun! We played Fish Bowl with a big group of friends. We also helped out our married couple friends, who are moving to be missionaries, with their yard sale. It was actually pretty fun working a yard sale! A couple of months ago, when we were selling furniture on Craigslist, Cindy got such a high from selling things that she wanted to sell more things even though we had nothing else to sell. It was the same feeling this time, she wanted to sell EVERYTHING again. We ended the week at Jake’s parent’s house. All his brothers are home for the summer so… ALL FOUR BROTHERS were home. It was loud, rambunctious, and as always FUN. We played Knock Out outside and then Balderdash inside. It was 10:30pm by the time we left. We were having so much fun that we both didn’t want to leave.

Well, that has been our week! And a small glimpse of our personality types.

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