33 Weeks Married | Things We Did This Week

(no major plans for us this Memorial Day long weekend….just hanging around and relaxing)

Things we did this week:

slept a full 8 hours all week (why haven’t we been doing this before?! we both feel so much more energetic and productive)

tried to drink more water

ran to the movies to watch a movie (but when we got there we found out the movie we wanted to watch was cancelled…so we Uber’d back home and watched a movie on Netflix). Our Uber ride was pretty interesting… we used Uberpool and within the course of a 10 minute car ride, we witnessed 2 complete strangers become best friends. Our driver and another rider bonded over sports and Power Rangers.

went grocery shopping like 3 different times (why can’t groceries just replenish automatically right?!) On one of our shopping trips, we stopped by the RedBox to rent a movie. While we were choosing a movie, a man sitting on one of the benches nearby started talking to us about how online streaming is going to destroy services like RedBox, how musicians can’t be creative anymore because of the way music is marketed, and about the major mergers that are happening in the entertainment industry. We spent our car ride home trying to figure out if he was a little off his rocker or just someone who enjoys talking with strangers. Then that devolved into a discussion about how people don’t talk to strangers anymore, and it is unfortunate that our first assumption was that he was crazy, when he might very well have been just a really nice guy.

considered giving away Marcus (our third and newest guinea pig) but then we felt like bad guinea pig parents and decided not to

got an oil change for our car (…while waiting for our car we walked over to the fire station to hang out with Jake’s dad…we got to experience fire station life for a brief amount of time. Things escalated from slow and boring to fast-paced and exciting and back down to slow and boring)

sat out on our patio (for the first time ever since moving in) and had afternoon coffee while soaking in some sun…it was quite relaxing

went to Bible study

worked on Intrepid Insights, a not-for-profit Jake is starting (partially as a hobby and partially as a real not-for-profit… you can check it out here: http://www.intrepidinsight.com)

Jake had his physical (his first one in several years). Doctor say’s he’s healthy!

Cindy went to Pilates (and got her butt kicked).

And that’s about it! Thanks for reading!

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