32 Weeks Married | Catching Up On Stuff

The theme of this week: catching up on stuff

Stuff we caught up on…

  1. SLEEP! To give an idea of how tired we’ve been (or really… how tired Cindy’s been)… on Thursday, Cindy took a 4 hour nap and also went to bed early. This weekend, we made sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Our goal is to start going to bed earlier and at the same time. The ultimate goal is for Cindy to stop taking naps during the day and for Jake to stop staying up till 1am working on his projects.
  2. Bible in a Year Reading Plan. Cindy fell 2 weeks behind. Jake only fell a couple of days behind. We’re both finally all caught up! An update on where we are in our reading– we’re at 1 Samuel in the Old Testament and John in the New Testament.
  3. Guinea Pig Things. We spent the entirety of our Tuesday night doing just that…guinea pig things. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… guinea pigs are a lot of work AND MONEY for pets who don’t love you back. Anyways, we recently bought these custom made guinea pig cage liners. Jake read online that the liners are designed to absorb 1 week’s worth of pee without the stink. We’ve been trying anything we can to reduce stink and the amount of times we have to clean out the cage. Up until recently, we were using pine pellets. And it was working out great– it absorbed up to 8 weeks of pee without the stink!! But cleaning out the pine pellets at week 8 was the most dreadful chore ever. All the dust from the pellets would fly everywhere and settle into the carpet. The liners are working so far! We’re hoping this is the solution guys! We also bathed the guineas. And let us tell you…guineas don’t like to be bathed. Cindy has some battle scars as proof. But our guineas really needed that bath. Oliver, our hairiest guinea, had wads of poop stuck to his fur. And Rufus, our hairless guinea, had weird gunk all over his body.  Finally, we redesigned their cage, we’re hoping the redesigned cage encourages them to run around more. At the end of the day, we love our guinea babies.

Enough about our guineas. This weekend was pretty relaxing. We had Cindy’s sister and sister’s boyfriend over. We played an aggressive game of basketball…full of fouls (…from Cindy…), had some bbq ribs that Jake grilled, and played some games. The next day, after church, we went to visit Cindy’s sister and sister’s boyfriend at their apt. In case it isn’t obvious, Cindy misses her sister…just a little…now that they don’t live together anymore.

And that’s our week!

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