31 Weeks Married | A Weekend of Driving and Celebrating

(that’s us doing a candid laughing pose)

This past weekend we drove a total of approximately 432 miles. We didn’t even leave the state, let alone southern California! We’re pretty tired and are both looking forward to some rest this next weekend.

Friday, we went to Jake’s brother’s graduation. He finished college in 3 years and we’re so proud of him! We’re hoping to spend more time with him now that school is done. Saturday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with Jake’s family. And Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with Cindy’s family. We always have such a great time with our families. It always feels like we leave too soon even though we leave pretty late into the night. We count ourselves lucky to have such amazing parents and that we both get along with our respective in-laws.

A short and sweet post for this week. Because we’re really tired. And because we rented 12 Strong from RedBox but haven’t had the chance to watch it yet and would really like to avoid renting it for a third day.

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