29 Weeks Married | Highlights of Our Week

Highlights of our week:

1. Avengers Infinity War. Probably one of the only superhero movies where Cindy didn’t fall asleep during the battle scenes.

2. Saturday bike ride to the beach. Considering how much we love the beach, we feel so lucky to be able to live so close to one. We sat on the beach and Cindy read her book while Jake read an academic paper on team spillovers in Hollywood. (it’s called “I’d Like to Thank the Academy”, if anyone is interested…). We also spent a good 15 minutes watching people watch other people. And then we wondered if anyone was watching us watch the people watching other people. Then we rode our bikes over to Venice and got gelato at Dolcenero Gelato.

3. Jake’s highlight was using the grill to grill some hot dogs for dinner.

4. Cindy’s highlight was having a still functioning phone after having dropped it in the toilet.

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