28 Weeks Married | Our First Apt Together!

(a little bit of a late post!)

Moving and fighting…that’s the theme of our 28th week.

We’re finally all moved in though! The guinea pigs were the last “things” we had to move. We were both not looking forward to it because it was such an ordeal. We had to put the guinea pigs in a smaller cage to transport them. Then we had to deconstruct their cage, transport it, and reconstruct it in the new place. We had to downgrade the cage… (sorry guineas!) We don’t even think the guineas know they’re in a new place. As long as they have food, water, and hay they are happy.

Cindy started the process to get LASIK on Saturday. And let us tell you… it is quite the process. She has been wearing these night time contacts that shape your eye (to control her myopia) for the past 14 years. So before she can even begin having consultations, she has to let her eyes change back to it’s original shape, which will take about 21 days. She was given 3 different sets of contacts to transition through as her eye changes. Then she has to wait 6-12 months to make sure her eyes are still not changing. THEN she can begin the actual LASIK process. We’ll see how it all goes.

As for Jake, after a lot of nagging, he finally scheduled his doctor’s appointments– annual physical, etc. etc.

Also, Jake started using his whiteboard, which he was excited about (he has a HUGE whiteboard in his office/guinea room/future baby room and has been looking forward to using it ever since we put it up). Double also, Jake finally got a chance to sit down at his new L-Desk and work on some projects. That was probably the highlight of his week. (the only request Jake had for the new place was the L-Desk… well he wanted a U-Desk…so we compromised).




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