27 Weeks Married | Goodbye Apt 9

We have been moving all week! It was fun at first, but now we’re SO OVER IT. We want all the new furniture to magically assemble itself. We want all the old furniture to magically sell itself. And we want both our personalities to magically morph into one mega personality so we can stop being snippy with one another. Seriously…we have had the most ridiculous fights this week. But we’re glad we’ve realized how dumb they were and have since been more kind to one another.

Well… it’s finally time to say goodbye to Apartment 9. It’s a bittersweet moment. (Cindy’s sister keeps quoting the last scene of “Friends” where they all turn in their keys and go get one last cup of coffee). This apartment holds so many memories for us (…maybe more for Cindy than for Jake since she’s lived here longer). It was Cindy’s first real post college apartment, which she shared with two of her college friends. It was where Cindy, her mom, and the bridesmaids got ready before the wedding. It was the first place where we lived together. (…with Cindy’s sister of course) It was fun living with Cindy’s sister. We had a lot of good talks, late night boba runs, and game nights. But now it’s time to close that chapter and move on to the next.

Besides moving, we also celebrated Cindy’s birthday! (which was last Thursday). We sold furniture we had posted on Craigslist on her actual birthday and celebrated on Saturday instead. Jake planned and surprised Cindy with a fun hike to Murphy’s Ranch and a nice romantic dinner at The Roof on Wilshire (a rooftop restaurant).

Cindy got stung by a bee for the very first time ever on the hike. That was her birthday present from the bee.


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