17 Weeks Married | Day-By-Day Highlights

Our 17th week of marriage:

Monday: We ran 7 miles…easily <–not to brag or anything but we’re pretty proud of ourselves.

Tuesday: Cindy made some bomb.com kebabs.

Wednesday: Jake played Lord of the Rings Shadow of War…basically all night.

Thursday: We caught up on chores and worked on our own little side projects together till 2AM (deeply regretted that the next morning)

Friday: We ran to a park… and played at the park. Then, cooked curry together, and watched a really weird movie.

Saturday: We…woke up at 11AM. Went to brunch at iHop. Explored a random antique furniture store. Got Jake a membership at the YMCA. And rode bikes/ had dinner & dessert with another married-couple friends.

Sunday: Church in the morning. After, Cindy went to a birthday brunch with old college friends while Jake hung out at a Panera Bread. Got home and ran 9 miles. (Future Jake and Cindy, remember you guys used to be able to run 9 miles!)

And that is a very detailed summary of our 17th week of marriage.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing anything adventurous, but it has been nice to be partners, side by side, even in the normalcy of everyday life.

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