16 Weeks Married | LOTR, Church, and Dead of Winter…

It’s been a LOTR kind of week! We’re slowly watching all the movies. And Jake’s slowly making his way through the LOTR Shadow of War game.

Anyways…we became members of our church this Sunday! We have both grown so much in our faith over the past several months. At the beginning of this month, we started a Bible in One Year reading plan. And we have been growing in our walks with God more and more, in our own ways and together. We just finished Genesis earlier this week!

Other things that happened this week– we played this really confusing, but really awesome board game called “Dead of Winter”, with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. Cindy’s sister currently lives with us (we know…it’s a little weird…and sometimes it gets annoying living with her…) But game nights, like the one we had this week, remind us that this is one of those stages in life we’ll never be able to have again. Cindy’s sister will be moving out in a few months, and we’re learning to cherish these moments because one day, they’ll be fun memories to look back on and stories to share with our kids.

Also, we bought an HDTV antenna so we can watch the 2018 Winter Olympics. But so far…no luck in getting signal in our apt.

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