12 Weeks Married | Christmas and Mini-Moon!

What a week it’s been!!

We spent Christmas Day and the day after with Jake’s family. With so many boys in the house, it’s always so lively and active! We ate lots of food (lobster tail, scalloped potatoes, and tri-tip!) And we played a lot of games– Munchkins, Galaga, Battle Front 2, the Resistance. And then we played more games… but outside– Knock Out, a round of basketball, and a short adventure to the park for some Grounders (tag on the jungle gym but with your eyes closed…kinda). It was so much activity, we were both pretty sore the day after. It was some good fun times with family!

And now we’re in Hawaii on our mini-moon!!!!!! So far, we’ve gone snorkeling, seen some cute fish, and eaten some local food. (Cindy’s still deciding if snorkeling is her thing…it’s hard to breathe…) On Saturday, we went hiking up to Ka’au Crater. We’re pretty sure the hike is 10 miles…even though people online say it’s only 5 (we were out there for 7 hours). On the way back, we got a little lost and it was getting dark and we both panicked a bit. But we made it out! We both agree this was one of the most challenging, adventurous, and fun hikes we’ve both ever done. There was a lot of rock climbing and A LOT of mud. We climbed up five beautiful waterfalls and walked around the entire crater (that part was scary because we were at the very top of the ridge…it was also cool because we could see both sides of Hawaii from up there!) After our hike, we went to see All The Money in the World with our Moviepasses. We’re really enjoying our mini-moon!

2017 has been amazing. And we’re stoked we get to enjoy this special year a little longer than normal, since Hawaii is one of the last places in the world to ring in the new year. We’re really excited to see what 2018 brings! (maybe a baby…jk). Well, Happy New Year everyone!

here are some pics from our trip so far…

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