11 Weeks Married | Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.!

(you can’t tell… but there are Christmas lights in the background of the picture…)

Our first holiday season as a married couple! SUPER EXCITING! We’re splitting up our time with each set of parents, so we get a chance to see everyone. This past weekend, we went to celebrate Christmas early with Cindy’s family. Her aunt from Taiwan is visiting, which makes this season all the more exciting. On Saturday, we all went to see Christmas lights! We bought everyone hot chocolate and we even splurged on funnel cake! (yummmm) It was Cindy’s aunt’s first time trying it.  Surprisingly, it was also her parents’ first time trying it. And, of course, they all loved it. (like…who doesn’t love funnel cake!?) Then, on Sunday, we had Hot Pot (a classic Chinese tradition). WE ARE SO FULL!

Annnnd that’s about it! Merry Christmas everyone!

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