10 Weeks Married | Combined Our Accounts!

(in this picture, Cindy is angry because Jake had just stepped on the freshly washed bath rug with his dirty dress shoes)

Anyways….the big news of this week is….WE COMBINED OUR BANK ACCOUNTS!! Its so nice to see those six digit numbers. JK. We definitely don’t have six digit numbers. What is nice is our checks will say Cindy and Jake. That’s about it.

Besides combining bank accounts, we also went to Jake’s work holiday party. It was there, Jake demonstrated an act of true love. He ordered the short rib and Cindy ordered the chicken (not knowing she would love short rib). And Jake switched plates with Cindy. The sacrifice hurt a bit, but…you know what they say…”marriage is all about sacrifices”.

The BEST thing that happened this week, for Jake, was going to the midnight showing of Star Wars with his co-worker friend. Cindy was not allowed to come along (mostly because she would have fallen asleep…but really… also because it was bros only). Don’t worry… we went to watch it together during the day later in the week. Moviepass makes watching the same movie in theaters multiple times nbd.

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