9 Weeks Married | Jake’s Birthday

We’re 2 months married and it was Jake’s birthday! Here’s a picture of us in our party hats and with our guinea babies. Jake’s birthday began with lox for breakfast, continued with Star Wars Battlefront 2 for half the day, and ended with a poker night, El Pollo Loco, and ice cream cake! (we both lost at poker night…maybe because we can’t control ourselves when it comes to betting big…good thing we don’t play poker regularly)

Other things that happened this week: We mailed out our thank you cards, had a game night with friends from our bible study, and went to the LA Zoo Lights. And Jake submitted MORE grad school applications. (thank goodness applications are all due this next week) We hear back from the first school this upcoming week!!

The lowlight of this week was definitely the SoCal fires. Our hearts break for everyone who have lost their homes. We were pretty close to one of the fires, but luckily it didn’t spread towards us. We experienced pretty bad air quality, but we’re safe.

And that has been our very event-filled week 9 of marriage.

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