7 Weeks Married | First Thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs.!

Our first Thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs! This past week has been quite eventful! For starters, Cindy spent the first half of the week away with her family on a trip to Vegas and Antelope Canyon. Being away from Jake was hard, but it was nice to spend time together since family trips like these are hard to come by. On Thanksgiving day, we went to the Jake’s fam’s house and ate delicious food, played a couple rounds of kickball, lost at an intense game of pictionary, and did some Black Friday shopping with the bros. Jake really wanted to get the new XBox One, but decided against it once we were at the store. Instead we bought a fancy coffee maker and some scented candles. (don’t worry, Jake made us go back to Target on Saturday and we got the new XBox One… he’s been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 non stop since then). Anyways… on Friday we put up our Christmas tree!!! And we ended the week at an indoor trampoline park. (we got our work out in and smashed some kids at trampoline dodgeball). And that was our very fun-filled Thanksgiving week!

non-fun things that happened this week: Jake had a weird stomach bug, Jake submitted more PhD applications, Jake gave Cindy his weird stomach bug

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