5 Weeks Married | Got Our Wedding Pictures!

Jake has stayed up till nearly 3:00am a few nights this past week, working on a research paper. Meanwhile, Cindy has napped nearly every day after work. (they do say opposites attract right?) Anyways… We got our wedding pictures this week!!!!! And we can’t stop looking through them! It’s been a nice way to relive some of that wedding day magic. We shared some of our favorites on our “Wedding Video and Pictures” page. We also finally got around to watching some of the raw footage from our videographer. During the family photos session, he went around and had each person in our wedding party as well as each of our parents leave us a short video message. We’ve been having a blast watching them. We LOVE all the messages we received, but our favorite is from one of Jake’s brothers– he said to have a large family. We’ll keep that in mind.

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