3 Weeks Married | A Hard Week

This week has been emotionally tough. On Monday, we attended Jake’s grandmother’s funeral. She passed away a couple of days before our wedding. She helped watch Jake a lot when he and his brothers were young, so Jake has a lot of fond childhood memories of her. (he misses her) Her funeral service was touching and the entire day truly felt like a beautiful way to honor her. Then, on Friday, Cindy attended the memorial service of one of her student’s parents. The mom’s passing came so suddenly and as such a shock. The service was also beautiful and it honored a life that was lost too soon. Despite the emotional heaviness of this week, we did have some first time “marriage moments” too. We had our first brunch&game afternoon as a married couple! (with another married couple and their super cute 2 year old daughter) Jake, the cook, made delicious omelets for everyone. And Cindy, the organized one, made the apartment look Pinterest-cute and homey.

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